Railway maneuver

     Our activity:

   We are a private railway freight transport operator. Our service offer for freight transport is based exclusively on railway transport.

   Who are we?

  The existence of private railway operators has only improved the service quality in this domain. UNIFERTRANS offers a large spectrum of freight transport services on fixed railway routes, such as:


   Why  us?

  We were among the first private railway operators in ROMANIA, holders of the transport license since 2000.
UNIFERTRANS is a founding member and president of the Romanian Private Railway Transporters Association - "ATFER".

   Our  purpose

  The high standards of the our services and the manner we answered to our clients requests made UNIFERTRANS one of the most solicited railway freight transporters in Romania. That is why our purpose is to maintain these standards at the highest level. The purchase and maintenance criteria for the locomotive and car fleet are in accordance with the quality standards.