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in order to increase of the gasoil delivery volume and  to satisfy our clients’ demands,
UNICOM HOLDING performs works...

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Considering the need to extend its fuel storage capacity, UNICOM HOLDING reports the initiation of several fuel warehouse projects...
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Unicom Holding – following the growing market demand for biodiesel and gasoil mixtures, UNICOM HOLDING is setting up storage tanks for this kind of product in...
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Unicom Holding – has signed a supply contract for oil products – Euro Diesel gasoil...


  The Sales Department of UNICOM HOLDING carries out definitive imports of combustibles through its warehouses in Halmeu, Dornesti, Galati or the ones rented in Constanta.

The import combustibles to be delivered on the local market ::
-Import gas oils, of CIS origin, at quality parameters complying with the SREN 590/2002 (EURO 3) standard;
-Import type M combustibles, of CIS origin;
-Light liquid combustibles, according to the company’s own processing methods;
-Fuel oil



  We represent the Production Department of UNICOM HOLDING.
We have one of the most modern wood processing factories in South-East Europe.
Through wood processing, we produce barells, pannels and other goods. We are using state-of-the art technologies.
The high quality of UNICOM HOLDING products meat the appreciation of the most pretentious foreign and Romanian clients.
Our marketing activity materialized in selling our products even on other continents..
Such accomplishments allow us to consider that we could satisfy any demand in this domain

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